This course exposes students to current issues and language use in French technology, business, and international industrial relations. We seek to prepare students who wish to work or do business in a French speaking country by focusing on specialized vocabulary and systematic training in speaking and writing skills to improve fluency and style. An emphasis is placed on communicative strategies that are crucial skills when negotiating and speaking in professions such as law and diplomacy. Discussion and analysis of newspaper and magazine articles, modern expository prose and extensive use of modern online material are included in the course.


This course requires a high level of French language competence, you should be working and speaking French on a daily basis. A minimum of C1/C2 is required to attend this course.

The city of Lyon

Lyon had a population of 1, 354,000 in 2014. The city is known for its cuisine and gastronomy, historical and architectural landmarks. Lyon was historically an important area for the production and weaving of silk. Lyon played a significant role in the history of cinema: it is where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematograph. It is also known for its light festival, the "Fête des Lumières", which begins every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.

Economically, Lyon is a major centre for banking, as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. The city contains a significant software industry with a particular focus on video games, and in recent years has fostered a growing local start-up sector. Lyon hosts the international headquarters of Interpol, Euronews, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Lyon was ranked 19th globally and second in France for innovation in 2014. It ranked second in France and 39th globally in Mercer's 2015 liveability rankings.


Getting to Lyon

Air France, Swiss, Lufthansa and Austrian Air fly to Lyon. There is also a high speed train service from Paris to Lyon.


Please let us know you choice, homestay or hotel. We have arrangements with a number of quality hotels in Lyon. Advanced French in Lyon is our longest running immersion course and we have a wide variety of homestays all over Lyon, including homestays with retired law professors, French language professors and retired government officials. French language teachers can take advantage of the Comenius programme, part of the Erasmus Programme that is available in Sweden. Daily transport from your hotel or homestay to your language centre is arranged.

Pricing, Application Form and Further Details

2. Advanced French in Lyon

35 hours of Advanced French - 25,000 SEK
This includes course design, course materials, tuition, transport from the hotel or homestay to the language centre, lunch, coffee and tea during seminar breaks. Your enrollment is binding, but is transferable to a colleague in your company.

If you are applying through the Comenius project, your application is not transferable.
Accommodation is booked from midday on Sunday before the course until midday on the Saturday after the course. Exact arrival times and departure times should be notified to N.D.V. Advisers.

Homestay including meals 3,000 SEK
Hotel full board (min 4 star) 9,000 SEK
Registration fee 1,500 SEK
Deposit 5,000 SEK

Conditions and Regulations

Please fill in the application form and pay in the deposit of 5,000 SEK. An invoice will be sent within 20 days of the start of the course; deposit paid in at time of enrollment will be deducted from the total amount. In certain courses, a minimum number is required to conduct the course. N.D.V. Advisers reserves the right to cancel courses if we do not received enough enrolments. All fees or deposits paid will be returned in full.

Insurance and Attendance

All attendees of the course should have personal insurance coverage to include medical. Students are not insured by N.D.V. Advisers against illness, injury, accident, theft or any loss or personal effects. N.D.V. Advisers cannot accept responsibility for any accidents occurring during the course. Students enrolled undertake to attend classes. Non attendees have no claim to a refund in fees.