1999 : N.D.V. Advisers is founded

N.D.V. Advisers signs up its first customer

Volvo Car Corporation buys a course in English for Public Relations.


The Cambridge BEC is launched in Sweden.

The Cambridge BEC(Business English Certificate) is launched in Sweden. N.D.V. Advisers has prepared 10 students who are among the first in Sweden to take this exam. All 10 students pass with Merit.


N.D.V. Advisers signs up Volvo IT, Volvo Car and Ministry Of Defence.

N.D.V. prepares 10 students for the Cambridge Business Exams from both Volvo IT and the Volvo Car Corporation. An additional 5 students take the Cambridge First Certificate and pass with Merit. N.D.V. Advisers starts teaching military English at the Ministry of Defence.


Continued success

ABB Automation systems and ABB Manufacturing & Consumer Industries start language training. Toshiba buys a course in Business English and Doing Business in the U.S.A.


N.D.V Advisers provides language training to many companies

N.D.V Advisers provides language training to Ericsson, ABB Robotics and Bombardier. Natacha de Vadas qualifies as a Speaking Examiner for the University of Cambridge upper suite of exams. This includes the KET, PET, First Certificate, Proficiency, Bec Elementary, Bec Vantage and Bec Higher.


Another significant milestone

Strangbetong (a leading construction company) buys four courses in English for the construction industry. Finnveden Powertrain chooses N.D.V. Advisers as its language trainer. Transatlantic Sweden signs up its personnel for a course in Maritime English.


Mindset chooses N.D.V. Advisers as its consultant

Mindset (an established educational institution) chooses N.D.V. Advisers as its consultant to provide language training to Telia Sonera and DHL. Seco Tools buys intensive German language training. Volvo IT buys a course in “ Negotiating in English”.


3 new companies choose NDV Advisers as their language supplier

Calesco foil buys a course in Technical English. Skepparbacks Konsulting buys a course in “Presenting in English”. Translation work for ICA, as well as a course in Business English, Marketing and Strategy.


2 new companies to our repertoire

Calesco Foil invests again in Language training and Cultural Awareness training. Personnel in Ramnas Bruk buys 2 courses: Technical English and Business English. Leax decides to upgrade its language skills and buys 2 courses in Business English.


More companies and a turning point for N.D.V. Advisers.

Alvenius Steel and Getrag AWD invest in Business and Technical English. Transatlantic buys a course in Maritime English. NDV breaks into the Education sector- Affarshogskolan ( Business College) chooses us as their language supplier


G.K.N invests in language training

G.K.N. buys courses in Mechanical Engineering, Negotiating in English, English for Business, Email English, and Presenting in English for the Sales Department.


N.D.V. Advisers starts operations in Lyon, France.

Natacha de Vadas teaches “Customer Relationship Management “ and “Financial Crises” at INSEEC, Lyon, France. Natacha de Vadas works as Cambridge Speaking Examiner in Lyon and Västerås.


Natacha de Vadas teaches Legal English

Natacha de Vadas teaches Legal English and English for Political Science at Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3. Visiting Professor at INSEEC for courses in Management, Marketing and Finance. Natacha de Vadas works as Cambridge Speaking Examiner for the Cambridge Advanced English in Sweden.


A Busy Year!

NDV Advisers teaches English to students preparing for the French BAC, Jury panel of ESME, an engineering school in France. Contract in INSEEC is extended to include Project Management, Intercultural Communication and Global Marketing. Teaches TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to 90 students in INSEEC, qualifies as a certified TOEFL trainer.


The Year of MBA Completion!

Sabbath year, NDV writes her MBA thesis and studies French. She also graduates from ESCEM with an MBA in Entrepreneurship.


NDV moves back to HQ in Västerås

GKN Sweden invests in English for the Finance department , NDV is external consultant in English to Västerås Stad.


Language Consultant to the Swedish Defense Department

2017 .N.D.V. Advisers is Language Consultant to the Department of Defense. Freelance copywriting assignments.


Kronans Apotek buys a course in Medical English. Post Nord- a course in English for logistics. KPMG- three courses in Financial English.


Hilton Foods Sverige AB invests in language training.


Covid years

N.D.V. invests in competence development in the form of Master of Science in T.E.S.O.L at University of St Andrews, Scotland.