Setting up an import/export business in a country you don’t live in is highly challenging. There are many aspects to research, learn, brainstorm, and take care of! Every aspect has its own set of processes and its own set of difficulties. How they are dealt with makes all the difference! And, that’s where we specialize.

We have experts for each aspect that take care of your business set-up in the new market! We understand the culture of the countries we deal with and help our customers adjust their products and market them in a way that attracts their target audience.

Our process includes:

1. Market Research

Thorough research and analysis of the market you are targeting. What might work in one country might not work for another country!

2. Export/Import research and planning

The research and planning on the rules and regulations of import and export of the aimed products in both the countries.

3. The legal set-up

Setting-up the legal groundwork for the company in both the import and export countries. Everything from company registration to transportation to warehouse set-up - taken care!

4. International organizational structure planning

A careful and customized plan is formed based on your business needs and customer market.

5. Distribution strategy planning

Laying out the distribution channels and making your products available to your customers!

We work in collaboration with Anders Bergstöm, C.E.O of Global Consulting.

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