Anna WikSenior Project Manager, OMT AB
I first met Natacha when I was Director of Volvo I.T. Mälardalen. We bought language training from N.D.V. Advisers and 6 of Volvo IT´s personnel, including myself took the Cambridge Business English Certificate. I went on to take the Cambridge First Certificate the next year. As Area Manager of Leax, N.D.V. Advisers was a natural choice when we needed to upgrade our language and cultural awareness skills.
Ola JohanssonMD, Trunk
My successful background in bandy (3 VM gold medals and 16 SM gold medals) led me to start Trunk, a company that develops leader’s awareness and ability to launch projects and facilitate the development process. I have had to lecture and present our coaching methods to global companies and N.D.V. Advisers has successfully prepared me and given me the confidence I need to speak English before large, international audiences.
Anders AngerbjörnManaging Director, Alvenius
I started as Managing Director of Alvenius in 2007. When I came onboard, a lot had to be done and language training was one of them. I met Natacha in 2007 and made a mental decision to use N.D.V. Advisers because of the competence and professionalism the company provides. However, getting the company in order was a priority, so language training had to wait. After 4 long years, in 2011, Alvenius invested in long term language training. Both business English (Cambridge B.E.C. Vantage) for the management team and technical English for engineers. Both courses were informative and highly educational and provided important cultural insights for Alvenius. Upon completion in December 2011, both classes were promptly renewed in January 2012.
Eva KlaasmaHuman Resource Specialist
N.D.V. Advisers was brought in to help us with language and cross cultural training when Ford Motors took over the Volvo Car Corporation in 2000. In 2001, 10 students including myself sat for the Cambridge Business English Certificate when it was first launched in Sweden. All students passed with Merit. N.D.V. Advisers has successfully trained our personnel to prepare for and pass the Cambridge First Certificate; the Cambridge Preliminary Test as well as tailor made courses such as “Presenting in English“ and “Negotiating in English“. All in all, about 40 of our personnel have received language training from N.D.V. Advisers and are extremely satisfied. Much has happened since 2000. Volvo Car Corporation went on to be Getrag AWD and today in 2012 we are GKN Driveline AB, Sweden. Our language supplier, N.D.V. Advisers, has remained constant.
Anna BelinkiArea Manager, Affarshogskolan
This is the second year that N.D.V. Advisers has trained our students in Business English. Our students are extremely satisfied with the lessons. (Based on quality control reports). Many students were more confident in their writing and speaking abilities after completing the course. Students were motivated, attendance was high throughout the course and the success rate was 100 %. The Business College will be using N.D.V. Advisers in 2013 as well. I am leaving my position and will personally recommend N.D.V. Advisers to continue as our language supplier.
Anita Nordin Personnel Coordinator
Ramnas Bruk is a leading manufacturer of quality chains and mooring systems. Quality is a way of life at Ramnas Bruk and we choose N.D.V. Advisers as our language supplier. We invested in a course in Financial English and Technical English initially, and have continued to buy refresher courses through the years. We are satisfied with the training we receive and many students developed long term working relationship with N.D.V. Advisers, sometimes just to touch base, but also when we need some guidance when writing a report or before an important negotiation.
Otto Zelaya
N.D.V Advisers became relevant to me when I was going to apply for my BsC in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. The university required an IELTS overall band score of at least 6. N.D.V Advisers helped me not only to achieve my goal, but also exceed my expectations since I got a score of 8 on the exam. Furthermore, this would not have been possible without a well thought out way of teaching. I was given exercises I did not have access to on my own and given direct feedback of my work in order to pass the test within the given time frame. N.D.V advisors helps you obtain your linguistic goals whether they are for personal or professional use.