A 2015 report by the British Council, titled “ Languages for the Future” identified Spanish as the most important language for people in the U.K. to learn above Arabic, French and Mandarin.
There are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world, making it the second most widely spoken language, with official language status in 21 different countries. An additional estimated 60 million people speak Spanish as a second language, bringing the number of speakers to well over 500 million. In a nutshell, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world !

Spanish is also a popular choice for Swedish students both in Grade 9 (ÅK9) as well as later in upper secondary. At N.D.V. Advisers, we realise the importance of language training not only for corporations, but also for students. Please check our "Classes on Saturday" for Spanish lessons in preparation for the Swedish national test in Spanish 2, 3, and 4 as well the Grade 9 Spanish test.

Many Swedes holiday and buy properties in Spain, so learning Spanish will help you better understand the culture and take part in conversations with the locals. Should you decide to buy property in Spain, or work in the real estate sector in Spain, we have a tailor- made course for you.

Business Spanish with emphasis on Real Estate and Banking

This is a challenging course taught exclusively in Spanish that will help you to improve both your written and spoken Spanish course. It is particularly recommended for students who are interested in the property market which is vibrant in Mallorca. It focuses on the use of Spanish business terminology concerning banking and real estate. We also cover the fundamentals of practical commercial Spanish correspondence and documentation.


To participate fully in the course, you should have a level of C1 Spanish. You may check your level by taking the tests provided by the following sites:

Not the right level ?

If you are not a C1 level and wish to attend the course, please contact N.D.V. Advisers to arrange the required number of lesson which will take you up to C1 level.

Palma Nova, Mallorca

Our Business Spanish course is held on the beautiful island of Mallorca. The course is a week long, but you may choose to stay another week to play golf, see the sights or further develop your speaking skills. Please let us know if you would like to stay longer when you book your trip with us.

Getting to Mallorca

Lufthansa, Swiss and SAS fly daily to Palma de Mallorca. Alternatives are TUI and Air Tours.


We will arrange accommodation to suit your preference. Please let us know your choice, homestay or hotel. We have arrangement with a number of quality hotels in Mallorca, as well as homestays, fincas or apartments complete with amenities.

Pricing, Application form and Further details

For further details, please contact Natacha de Vadas,

E-mail :
Tel: 0046(0) 707994456.

N.D.V. Advisers will also include as a bonus, two guest lecturers ; one in the real estate sector and a Swede who has lived in Mallorca for over 20 years.

Business Spanish with emphasis on Real Estate Spanish

35 hours of language training - 20,000 SEK
This includes course design, course materials, tuition, transport from the hotel or homestay to the language centre, lunch, coffee and tea during seminar breaks. Your enrollment is binding.
Accommodation is booked from midday on Sunday before the course until the midday on the Saturday after the course. Please let us know if you wish to stay longer than a week, our prices are only for the duration of the course. Exact arrival and departure times should be notified to N.D.V. Advisers.

One Week Stay

Homestay including meals 4,000 SEK
Hotel full board (min 4 star with spa)* 9,000 SEK
Registration fee 1,500 SEK
Deposit 5,000 SEK

* 3 or 2 star can also be arranged

Conditions and Regulations

Contact N.D.V. Advisers for a discussion of your language needs and prices.

Insurance and Attendance

All attendees of the course should have personal insurance coverage to include medical. Students are not insured by N.D.V.Advisers against illness, injury, accident, theft or any loss of personal effects. N.D.V. Advisers cannot accept responsibility for any accidents occuring during the course. Students undertake to attend classes. Non attendees have no claim to a refund in fees.